Meet The Instructor

Alex Khastehdel

Alex Khastehdel

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a freight broker, and I wasn’t always working in the transportation industry! Just a few years ago, I was working a comfortable job in administrative sales, and I was living a life that probably wasn’t all that different from yours right now. A standard 9-5 job, a steady, predictable paycheck, and just living an overall average working class lifestyle. As fate would have it though, an opportunity emerged, and I took the leap into the transportation industry and started up my own carrier company, serving the oil and gas industry across Texas. But I soon found myself capped out in terms of time, income, and the number of clients I was able to serve, and that’s what led me to freight brokering.

Through hard work, determination, numerous courses and training programs, and lots of mistakes and trial and error, I learned the ins and outs of freight brokering, and got pretty damn good at it. I was finally able to both call the shots in my own business AND serve a virtually unlimited number of customers, delivering incredible value and actually making a real difference in the industry I serve.

Now, after seeing the incredible impact that freight brokering has had on both myself and the people that I’ve served and worked with, I want to teach you how to do the same with Freight Broker Mastery, the latest, greatest, most comprehensive freight broker course on the market.

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