Some of you may be wondering to yourselves…what exactly qualifies you to teach others how to build and scale a freight brokerage from the ground up? And how good is the course and training program in all reality?

Well, I’m glad you’re wondering! After all, it only makes sense to make sure you’re going to be learning from a proven course before investing your valuable time and money into it! On this page, you’ll find testimonials from some of the students that have enrolled in the Freight Broker Mastery Training Program.

So don’t take my word for my experience and expertise as a freight broker…take theirs!

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Great Course!

This is a great course! I’ve been exploring starting my own business for some time now and came across the concept of freight brokering, and then started following Alex on YouTube. His channel is great, but in the full course, Alex breaks everything down from the very beginning steps of starting a freight brokerage, all the way up to scaling an established business. Everything you need to know is here and now that I’ve just gotten my operating authority, I’m looking forward to getting my first customers and moving my first load!

- Kyle W, Reno, NV

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Excellent Course!

Excellent course. I’m currently a carrier, so a lot of the information in the Freight Broker Mastery Course wasn’t really new to me, but I still learned a lot and I’m more confident now in making the transition over to freight brokering. I liked the cold calling resources a lot, as well as the fact that it’s audio based. It made it a lot easier to listen to the course on the road.

- Mike S, Kansas City, MO

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If you are looking for freight broker training, I highly recommend the Freight Broker Mastery course. Alex and his team cover everything, and it also includes all of the paperwork you need, plus a few extra supplementary guides and resources. I do wish there was more information about specific types of freight, like hazmat and international freight, but for a course that covers the business model as a whole, this is quite comprehensive.

- Brian R, Tulsa, OK

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I'm Excited!

This was probably the most informative freight broker course I’ve come across. The team at Freight Broker Mastery takes you through every step of the entire process of starting a freight brokerage, including all of the direct links for the legal requirements needed to operate as a broker. They are also very real when it comes to expectations with this business, and that’s something I appreciate. There was no sugar coating, no buzzwords, no over-hyping, just the straight facts and everything that you need to know. I just applied for my operating authority yesterday, so I’m excited to receive it and be able to get started and apply everything that I have learned in the course!

- Brittany M, Grand Rapids, MI

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Highly Recommend!

I was a little bit reluctant to invest in the Freight Broker Mastery course when it was first released, but after following Alex for about a year, I decided to take a chance and enroll, and I’m glad I did! The course takes you through every step of this process to becoming a successful freight broker and gives you the confidence you need to succeed. After the course, it took me about 4 months to acquire my first shipper, and now I have 6 steady customers that I move loads for on a regular basis, so I highly recommend Freight Broker Mastery to anyone interested in starting a freight brokerage!

- George P, Sacramento, CA