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It’s time to step out of the drivers’ seat and into the CEO’s office…

Are you currently working in the freight industry as a carrier or a shipper? Are you tired of being tied to the limitations of a busy schedule, always driving around the country or working hard to get your loads shipped out?

Or maybe you’re not in the freight industry at all, but looking to enter into the lucrative world of online businesses and take control of your life and income.

Regardless of your situation, freight brokering just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Completely location independent, limitless earning potential, and a business model that anyone can learn and adopt, I’m here to show you just how simple and lucrative freight brokering can be.

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What is freight brokering, you ask?

It’s really quite simple! When a shipper (someone with goods and freight to get shipped out) needs to get their products to their customers, they find themselves in need of a carrier (or a truck driver/trucking company). One of the best, easiest, and most reliable ways to go about this is to use a freight broker. Freight brokers act as the middle man, the connection between shippers and carriers. The broker reaches out to their network of carriers, finds the best one to get the job done (at the best price), brokers the load, and gets a profit from the deal!

Broker Profit = Price the Shipper is Paying - Price the Carrier is Charging

The model really is as simple as that! But how do you go about building said brokerage? How do you acquire this network of both carriers and shippers to work with? Well, that’s exactly what my goal is, to teach as many people as possible, including YOU, how to build and scale a successful freight brokerage from start to finish.

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